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Brahm Bodh An Awareness to the Brahm & the Self

Author Name: Abhinav Kumar | Format: Paperback | Genre : BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | Other Details

Brahm Bodh uncovers some of the layers of universal secrets in order to realize God by generating the awareness of the Self. How does the universe help us? How does the never-consistent state of the mind become an ultimate state of mind, like a saint’s? These secrets, among others, are revealed by comparing the worldly traps of false happiness with the ultimate reality; thereby, building the cognizance on the positivity and the negativity. This condensed narration turns the pages of one’s life by discovering the hidden aspects of human nature and guides to correct the Self, in order to attain the godly forms. This quest, to discover the divine within and outside, reveals that a healthy body cannot hold a sick mind, but a healthy mind can always hold a sick body. Therefore, each and every illness can be prevented and eradicated just by practicing the true spirituality served by this book. So, this discourse is for everyone because of the hard reality that everyone has the same unrealized vision of life


As a matter of fact, meditation, yoga, gym, etc., only soothe the physical structure and senses, and we miss on nourishing the soul (a wider synonym of mind). This text portrays the typical characteristics of a soul and explains how, because of the short-lived body, one behaves so materialistically in achieving short-lived happiness and fails to bring the everlasting pleasure to the soul. The dark side of one’s life contains sorrows, miseries, dissatisfaction, illness, etc. What if one does not feel any such thing, ever? How does a small stain of negativity keep us fetching births? Read through the book to clutch the ultimate version of spirituality, and you will come out of many of your daily problems immediately. I bet! Happy reading!

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Abhinav Kumar

Abhinav Kumar (Hanuram Das), a disciple of Lord Hanuman Ji, is a fire turned to water after joining the divine Hanu-Gurukul which classically discovers the world inside the world, and the living inside the non-living by exposing the layers of universal secrets and dimensions, with a vision to meet God. He is an unflinching servant to Lord Hanuman Ji & Lord Ram Ji who reside under their divine shelter, and fulfills all his family and daily obligations as usual because true spirituality is ultimately derived from humanity without surpassing it. With a thought-buster mind-set and drowned in bhajan and keertan, he always finds himself in the lap of his Guru Ji, and talking about the glories of the God is his only obsession. He says, “It is better to be in the illusion of God than the illusion of short-lived happiness.” He is a post-graduate working in a leading MNC, with more than 2 lakh words scripting underway his pen, slowly finding the way to the professional vents.



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