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Invent Innovate Integrate Inspired by Nature

Author Name: Meena Mistry, Roshni Magan | Format: Paperback | Genre : BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | Other Details

Invent Innovate Integrate is our second book of our Wellness Trilogy. The chapters are inspired by nature and provides an insight on how the animal kingdom assists us to Invent Innovate and Integrate ourselves for personal growth to be functional in our personal space, work environment and our social setting.

The book has various chapters and is divided into three sections that encompasses Invent Innovate Integrate. Each section begins with a season to grasp the reader's attention. 

The first section starts with Spring and covers The Nine Traits of Soul Rejuvenation which weaves its way into section two, the summer of our lives that provides an insight to The Seven Keys to Creating your Blueprint eventually culminating into the winter of our lives through the Three S Process of integration. The chapters create a captivating storyline based on our own life experiences, thus bringing a true flare of realistic growth. The book ends with Lessons from the African Savannah which provides us with an insight of how animals integrate the cues from the natural environment for growth and survival.


Sorry we are currently not available in your region. Alternatively you can purchase from our partners

Sorry we are currently not available in your region. Alternatively you can purchase from our partners

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Meena Mistry, Roshni Magan

When I was given the honour to edit this fascinating piece, I did not realise that it was clearly dropped in front of me by the universe.

I often found myself ruminating for hours on a single description of the loyal dog, the convoluted spider, the adaptive frog or the peace-loving horse. It seemed that, when I opened the book for a technical glance, I had to take several moments to pull myself back after inadvertently starting a spiritual journey.

Each page was a wellspring of knowledge. Each word was a guiding light of wisdom. What a privilege to have been on this journey.

Daniel Douglas-Haw Masters in Education (Wits)

IEB Regional English Moderator Senior English Teacher

Usui Reiki Second Degree Practitioner