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Soul's Spiritual Travails …...Life's Journey Through Duality to Non-Duality into 'Oneness'

Author Name: Aalok | Format: Paperback | Genre : BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | Other Details

This book attempts in making in-roads, in to ‘Spirituality’, for the usage of a common man, in personal and professional lives. Initially, the book introduces 'Terminologies', needed to grasp the ‘Concept of Spirituality’. 

The book takes us on the journey of ‘Decision Making’, a critical aspect of human lives. Our actions are dependent on the decisions that we make. We know that actions create Karmas. Actions are preceded by ‘Thoughts’ and have two back stage operators- 'Emotions and Intent'. 'Karmas' are thus, initiated, moment 'Intents and Emotions' are set in. Did you also know that our 'Intents and Emotions' have a source in our 'EGO'?

The book goes on to provide 'Simple and Short' acronyms for its readers to 'delve into', to practice them in their routine daily life, and to make their lives more effective.

The book takes us to application of 'Spirituality' in the daily routine of one day of living. This entails raising our energies high enough, even to manifest what we wish to attain and that which we wish to discard.

Before coming to nine meditations in the last Chapter of the book, it also covers, "How to attain ‘Oneness’ and ‘Universal Consciousness’, much needed for living in ‘Awareness’.  This would lead us to be ‘Balanced and Discriminative’. This ensures us to understand our own-selves better and make us more contributing to the society around us. 

Meditation makes us ‘Focus and Concentrate', initially on '3-D Object (s), then to a Line (2-D), to a Point (1-D), and finally on The Subtle SELF'. 

The book, paves the path for us to move beyond 'Maya-Ignorance’, which binds and limits the human through development and usage of ‘Intellect’. This would make us un-limited, free, balanced, and make us apply infinitude and oneness, in our routine lives.


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Aalok is an International Master Trainer of Directive Communication Psychology and trains-cum-facilitates the 'Human Resource (HR)', in all aspects of soft skills, including ‘The Motivated Self’. He makes the HR 'Think Unique’ and make them be 'The Change', in their own lives, both for personal self and for the teams, in organizations.

He is a 'Life and a Business Coach' and has coached, both, individuals and groups, to become better leaders and also up-skill the group dynamics.

Aalok is an 'Empowering Leadership and Fire-walk Instructor and Trainer'. He is a 'Mind Empowerer' and takes individuals and groups beyond the limitations of 'Brain and Mind'.

He is an 'Intuitive and Predictive Sciences' Master. He follows nine modalities covered under these practices. He is a 'Switch-Words' professional and an ace Numerologist, as well. He teaches 'Eyes, Faces, and Body Language' for the individuals, to benefit most in ‘Non-Verbal Communication’. Aalok is an 'Energy Reader', both, of individuals and space and also guides individuals on how to improve their 'Auric- Energies'.

He is a complete Human Resource Guide and Consultant for Organizations, and transforms their HR, to become more proficient in their ‘Outputs’, by removing their self-created ‘Shackles, Limitations, and Boundaries'.

Aalok is a 'Spiritualist' and practices 'Spirituality' through 'Advaitic Vedanta' and few other modalities. He believes in 'Absolute Oneness'. He is a Master of ‘Silence and Solitude’. Aalok works on human ‘Stress, Pain, and Anguish’, and has successfully raised ‘Guru Tattva’ in many of his students.

Aalok is an author of repute with ‘Four Literary’ babies of his in the market; 2012 (1), 2022 (2), and 2023 (1).



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