Coupon Code Manager

Build traction for your book online

What is the Coupon Code Manager?

The Notion Press Coupon Code Manager helps you generate discount coupons for your readers as and when you want. You can either send personalised coupons for each member in your friends and family circle, or generate a single coupon code for all your fans on social Media and boost traction for your book.

Setup coupons with ease

  • The Coupon Code Manager makes it easy to offer discounts to your friends, family and fans on social media.

  • Choose what type of coupon you want to use

  • Select the quantity and validity, download the codes and start sending it out

Send personalised coupons for friends and family

Single-use coupons can be used only once by a single customer. It is a unique code that is specific to a user. It is useful when you want to reward or incentivize your friends and family to pick up your book.

Share coupons for fans on social media

A multiple-use coupon is a single coupon code that can be used by any number of users that you specify (e.g. limit 100). It works best as a “limited offer” promotion, in terms of time and availability, to a larger audience on social media.