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The Paaw Museum A Collection of Short Stories of Priceless Artefacts from Around the World

Author Name: Isheekka Kedia | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

“The Jar is gone. It’s Protector? Dead. There are too many cheese references for anyone’s liking. Can three young officers solve the most formidable mystery this town has seen in decades?”

The PAAW Museum opens its gates to tourists once again post the pandemic, inviting the eyes and ears of the world within its forbidden chambers. The Board of the Museum has a goal in mind: to share the secrets they have so fiercely guided for the past seven decades with the hearts who can bear them and the souls who can. The lessons derived from these secrets can help give the world some direction in the unbridled chaos of our generation. It was time for the past to resurface. After all, a past kept hidden is an earthly life forgotten.

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Isheekka Kedia

Isheekka Kedia is a new voice in the mystery scene of India. With a knack for churning out entire fantastical worlds during her mundane (ramp) walks to the background score of Assassin’s Creed, she is an avid fan of the unexpected, both inside and outside her stories. Treating this book to be her ticket to showing young and old minds the mirror on their beliefs, she hopes her writing will leave people with the feeling that the impossible isn't far and that our dreams are near.