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I Never Loved You

Author Name: Jess Singh | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Tara is divorced. Will she be able to lead a new life with this ugly tag on her? She decides to change her name and appearance and goes in search of a new life as Sasha. Sasha is all ready to take over her new life in Vancouver with her two roommates Ira and Nikki. She is running for the light but gets trapped in the flat she shares with her roommates who have stories of their own.

The past chases her down even when she has a new name and new look.  In a whirlwind of love, betrayal, and redemption, Sasha finds herself entangled in a complex web of emotions. Will she get what she wants? Is there room for hate when there is so much love? What wins? Tara who is Sasha now lives a second life in one life. Can she mimic her own creation that she has created? The Sasha!

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Jess Singh

Jess is an Indo-Canadian author who has lived most of her life in Vancouver, Canada. She has a knack for making stories. Jess has traveled  across India and her novels are merely an effort to connect the two countries. 

The purpose of her novels is to entertain while she educates how the Western world works.

The idea behind her novels is to show a little bit of both worlds. There is an imperfection in everything, but that is what makes it beautiful. Her first novel All That She Wanted was about an Indian girl’s struggle to find love. Her second novel is a sequel to the first one. 

She says, “A writer starts the project and the readers finish it. Thank you to all my readers. I hope everyone enjoys the ride.”