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Kanta Bai Pvt Ltd Musings of a Homepreneur

Author Name: Payal Mittal Talwar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Do you wish for a 36 hour-day and think that running after kids is good cardio?

If yes, then ‘YOU’ could be ‘ME’!

Hi! Meet ‘Me’ alias Kanta Bai (at least in my household!), a ‘work-from-home’ mother of two, who loves to laugh and live life, all in the midst of a chaotic household of growing teenagers, their friends, traumas and dramas. Throw in a frisky pet, an unpredictable husband, some coffee pals and a few relatives, and you have a kaleidoscopic view of a routine day in the life of a mom. Now, add in a couple of demanding clients, deadlines and conference calls, and whoooosh! you get a heady concoction with a home-bound professional mom, who steers through a series of chaotic, frenzied and funny anecdotes of life.

Kanta Bai Pvt. Ltd. is quirky and rib-tickling yet somber and thought-provoking. It is a peep into the lives and hearts of these ‘super moms’, who roller-skate through life at full speed, enjoying the thrill as well as the panic of this joy ride.

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Payal Mittal Talwar

An untiring bookworm who loves the play of words in the tales spun by authors of all genres, Payal has been dabbling in writing ever since she was a child. She has been an active contributor of articles and columns to various publications.

Payal Mittal Talwar is not just a dreamer, she is a doer. Wedded to the Olive Green, Payal owes her sense of discipline to the Army. She co-founded her entrepreneurial venture, WINGS Team, with her partner, Priyanka to provide a launch pad to fellow army wives and help them towards achieving their aspirations.

An alumnus of the prestigious Miranda House at Delhi, Payal has metamorphosed over the years assaying different roles – as an educator, a life-skills trainer and an entrepreneur. This special piece of writing is very close to her heart and reflects her innate sense of humour with which she deals with life. In fact her recently acquired tattoo very aptly reads….. 'I choose laughter'!!!



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