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I Will Return - To Me

Author Name: Shaljami Ayesha Ahmed | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Adjacent to the small town called Redbarrow Woods, lies a forest that is said to be centuries old, guarded by White Ash Trees, Mahogany Trees, and Oak trees. Legends say there are eyes in those woods, and those pairs of eyes witness everything, even in the abyss of nothing at all. At the end of this forest is a river, which the town wears like a necklace, as it meanders around its contours. 

A sudden loud crash, a mysteriously ominous shriek, that had a peculiar sound that simply had no end to it, arrests the neighbourhood of Redbarrow Woods. Jeremy Mason (Jerry)—an ideal son, brother, and student goes missing from his very own house one night. An investigation that deflates with no leads. There is no ransom demand or death threat. The Masons are whipped by grief, confusion, and hallucinations. Their only support in these dire times is Mrs. Jane Davis the elderly neighbour, who loves the two children dearly. After six months of pining for her dear brother, Macy Mason finds a clue; words scribbled in his favourite novel—I Will Return – To Me. Just when she feels positive this could trace her brother, a body is found in the woods. Will Macy be able to find her brother Jerry Mason?

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Shaljami Ayesha Ahmed

Shaljami Ayesha Ahmed has been writing since the age of ten when her mother gifted her a diary with a soft brown leather cover. In her ear, she had whispered, that this was a gift that would never end, only multiply. Thus began her love story with writing. She is a poet, writer, and the author of this new novel I Will Return – To Me. She is fascinated by the combustible human mind and its many hidden layers. This curiosity tinkered the idea for this book. She has worked as a Chef, and as a Sales and Marketing Professional, which accentuates her unique characters further. She lives with her husband and two children in Doha, Qatar. When she is not reading or writing, she dreams of attempting adventure sports and enjoys experimenting with make-up, food ingredients, and refining her faith. She is inspired by the works of Paula Hawkins, Stephen King, and Haruki Murakami You can connect with her on Instagram @shaljamiaa.