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H.A.L.E.T The Journey of Their First Case

Author Name: Tanisha Shri SenthilRaj | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

It’s been three tiring years! Lily’s been idle, when finally a crime case lands in the hands of five. They divulge into every single detail they find, trying to crack it within the given time they have. Well, if she solves the case, she can put a full stop on her family advocating her to take another profession. Will Lily break the barriers being the first girl from their family and society entering the Crime Agency? Or will her life be put at stake as expected by her parents? Join the H.A.L.E.T group, as they journey through a spine-chilling case with a deep background and a final race against time.

Hardcover 385

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Tanisha Shri SenthilRaj

Tanisha Shri SenthilRaj (fondly called as Tanisha) is a young girl whose passion for writing began at the age of 8. She is good at creative modern art and tennis, though she formally had never written a book before the age of 14. She loved the part in the exam where they would ask to write a story for the creative corner. All her teachers believed that English was her Achilles Heel, due to the large amount of grammatical and spelling mistakes she committed in her early days. But she never lost her love for the subject. Born in India, Tamil Nadu, in a small town known as Karaikudi, she wanted to break the barriers about the hurdles in front of children who have limited roles in making decisions. She believes children are powerful enough to explore and establish themselves to change this perspective. She has a strong will to fight child poverty and child abuse. This is the prime reason her main protagonist sets standards believing that a girl child is capable enough to conquer the world.