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Be You* Holy Cow!! How did I miss the most important person in the room? Simple, Life-Changing, and Small Decisions for a Deeper Impact on your Life

Author Name: Dhanush Mohan | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

The most important time that you have is ‘NOW’ or the present, do everything to make it awesome. We are all unique, but somewhere we slip and fall into the rat race only to realise that it ends in the grave.

This book offers a holistic approach to personal growth, focusing on five core pillars described which are Family, Health, Happiness, Wealth & Growth.

And you start improving only when you decide to improve and only when you move your pinkie finger to start with and not with sheer imagination.

The secret is that a lot of us do not know that we are only a few decisions away from living a wonderful life, a life that is meaningful to us.

Do not miss “YOU” my friend, in the overall search for your happiness, pleasure, money or anything else because “YOU”are important.

Escape the coop mindset & embrace your new start

Live, laugh, Love, be kind & most important – “Be You”.

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Dhanush Mohan

My name is Dhanush and I hail from the little France in India and currently reside in Bangalore working for an MNC.I have a B Tech in ECE and MBA in HR & Marketing.

I have coached over 30000 students in basic interviewing skills during my campus visits.

My main aim is to help a lot of people escape the coop and make them understand that they are important and they can become a better version of themselves.

I would like to thank my Mother – Geetha Chandramohan for being an inspiration in bringing this book & Proof reading, Dhanya Mohan (my sister) who thinks I survive only by the grace of God, My therapist–Dr. Anulakshmi (My wife) who is my psychiatrist & Dr. Deekshith (My Brother) who said that I could write a decade ago. Krishna prasad who is my critic and mentor on journalling & martial arts.

Basil who helps me always with design and is always ready for any adventure.

Arjun who helps with ideas & suggestions to all my queries.

Shabnam who helped me for my MBA & John Peter for the confidence instilled.

Dr. Imthias Khan for helping me to get into film industry.