Numerology Number 1 And 2 Personality, Career by Astrologer Vedant Sharmaa

Numerology Number 1 Personality Career

This Numerology Number 1 is identical to Psychic Number 1 or Soul Urge Number 1.

People brought into the world on first, tenth, nineteenth, 28th at whatever month are named as Numerology Number 1.

This Numerology Number 1 is administered by the planet Sun. He is the leader of Leo. Ruler, all things considered, and blazing in nature.

The Personality of Numerology Number 1

Numerology Number 1 conveys all the energy of the Sun. As the Sun is the head of the planetary group, Numerology Number 1 individuals likewise lead the framework.

Like the Sun, they give sustenance to their family. They can go to any degree for the requirements of their family.

With regards to relationship Numerology Number 1 is clear. They are extremely clear as far as connection. best numerologist in india

Normally instinctive, they comprehend individuals’ aims without any problem. Consequently, they are great at observing who is their well-wisher and who is the adversary.

Numerology Number 1 people depend on their Gurus. They regard them. At whatever point starting another work, they do talk with their Guru. Along these lines, they prevail in practically all endeavors they embrace.

In any case, as each coin has two angles, Numerology Number 1 is no exemption.

People of Numerology Number 1 have an exceptionally high inner self. They do convey a forceful nature. This is on the grounds that the Sun is a blazing planet. It gives same energy to number 1.

These individuals are regal also. They need to live like a lord. Numerology Number 1 individual is known as ‘Swabhimani’ ( individual with high sense of pride ). They by and large will more often than not be independent and don’t have any desire to take help from others.

Ethically also, these individuals hold key positions. They disregard individuals who falsehood or cheat and can have hostility with them.

Notwithstanding, because of their royal nature, at critical occasions they can help their foes moreover. Once in a while we can see Number 1 individuals as careless.


Numerology Number 1 individuals have a great deal of profession openings due to their multi-dimensional characters.

This number arrangements with elevated place posts in associations. In the authoritative region, they can do quite well. Sun addresses number 1 and the sun addresses the public authority moreover. In this way, number 1 individuals can without much of a stretch land government positions subject to predetermination number and soul number similarity.

Numerology Number 1 individuals have solid and alluring voices. They can be fruitful as radio station personalities or voice over specialists.

They are normal pioneers so taking up governmental issues is likewise reasonable for them.

Ayurveda subject matter experts and interpretation occupations are additionally astounding for them.

Numerology Number 1 characters are moral, yearning, and trained. With the best decisions and direction, they can sparkle like a Sun in their lives.

Numerology Number 2 Personality Career

Individuals brought into the world on 2, 11, 20, and 29 are Numerology Number 2. Numerology Number 2 is administered by the Moon. Moon addresses the indication of Cancer. This zodiac is the embodiment of protective love and care.

The Personality of Numerology Number 2

Numerology Number 2 individuals have the embodiment of the Moon in their inclination. They are loving and shower love on everybody.

As the Moon is lovely, these individuals are as well. Number 2 individuals draw in others with their beguiling character.

These individuals are brilliant ambassadors also and can deal with any circumstance with their quiet demeanor. Best Astrology Services in india

Numerology Number 2 addresses the double idea of the universe. It has a fair perspective on life. These individuals sympathize. In the event of questions, you can depend on number 2 to concoct a reasonable arrangement.

Kind on a basic level and warm-natured, number 2 makes up an astounding companion. They are a shoulder to cry upon and your mystery manager.

Numerology Number 2 loves family and relations. They are modest first and foremost yet once opened up, they become the energy everyone needs.

Visionary and inventive, this number compensates for a warm individual on the most fundamental level and cool with the psyche.


Moon rules food, patterns, and creative mind. Numerology Number 2 will dominate in such a Profession.

Numerology Number 2 is related with double perspectives, since they are ambassadors, a profession in the field of business the executives would be incredible for them.

They are large foodies, cooking and eating different sorts of food is their natural. Happening in the food business is likewise a promising profession for them.

Nonetheless, they are exceptionally imaginative and delicate too, so picking a Profession choice like style planning or experimental writing is additionally appropriate.

Numerology Number 2 is a bundle of duals, it is bashful and certain. It is warm and on occasion cold too. With a little direction, they can glint like the Moon among every one of the stars.

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