Mayashree Bordoloi

Mayashree Bordoloi’s keen interest for art and literature made her foray into teaching, freelance writing and editing. An ardent Samuel Beckett and Ruskin Bond fan, Bordoloi’s work often appears in the leading dailies of Assam like The Assam Tribune, The Sentinel and The Telegraph. Often considered a little reticent, she relishes reading poetry and songs and is fond of indulging herself in painting. Mayashree Bordoloi can be reached at Read More...


Moisture and Bliss

Books by Mayashree Bordoloi

‘Moisture and Bliss’ - as the name suggests, portrays the poet’s profound emotions in simple language. Yet, there lies subtle meanings that adorn and beautify them and promises to take its readers on a serene journey, engulfed in love and devotion, to a tranquil sojourn. This book is an offspring given birth from the poet’s heart rather than just being a mere collection of poetry. Created with a few magic words and illustrations, these poems are embell

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Insignificantly Significant

By Mayashree Bordoloi in Stories | Reads: 448 | Likes: 8

After saying her prayers Mahi added a tiny tail to her message letting it to be the longest one she had ever posted to him but with least expectation today as the one she knew, she had witnessed transforming into a high-end robot speaking only programmed language. She re- read the message once again  Read More...

Published on Feb 14,2021 12:27 AM

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