Mangal dosha or kuja dosha or chovva dosham is the aggregate within the beginning chart or horoscope where mars (also known as mangal or kuja) is placed inside the 2nd, 4th, seventh, 8th or 12th house within the ascendant. A person with mangal dosh in his natal chart is called manglik. Mars is taken into consideration malefic when it’s miles located in any of the noted houses and it leads to tensions, dissatisfactions and failures in married lifestyles. There are a complete of twelve homes in a person’s astrological chart. The position of the planet of mars in any of the formerly mentioned six houses reasons mangal dosha. This dosha is also acknowledged by way of the call of bhom dosha, kuja dosha or angarakha dosha.

Characteristics of this dosha

human beings of each the sexes may be manglik. The planet of mars represents appreciate, power, ego and vanity. Consequently one with the mangal dosha has a volatile temper. Manglik individuals for that reason face a variety of troubles in bending and adjusting with their companions. The power of manglik individuals can be in comparison to that of fireplace. Therefore this power desires for use in the proper path and in doing some thing constructive, or otherwise they could become ruthless. Mangal dosha affects the married life, mental state, and also results in financial loss. If a manglik individual is born on tuesday the consequences are nullified. Additionally the marriage between manglik people cancels the negative results. Baby Name Numerology In India

Results of mangal dosha

when mars is situated within the 1st house:

the 1st house represents the residence of spouse. Accordingly it normally affects the married lifestyles leading to pointless conflicts. It’d additionally result in bodily attack and violence. Because of such unacceptable conduct such someone would possibly be afflicted by anxiety, distress, separation or maybe divorce.

When mars is situated in the 2nd house:

a person’s family existence is affected. It also creates limitations inside the married existence and the professional life.

When mars is located inside the 4th house:

this could have unfavorable results at the professional front. Such someone will switch jobs and also will no longer achieve success professionally. Monetary hassle will keep lurking.

When mars is situated in the 7th house:

such a person has an excessive amount of of energy and may be unwell-tempered resulting in not being able to hold cordial courting with family individuals. Also this person can be very dominating and dictating over his or her associate and s/he may additionally have many companions.

When mars is within the 8th House:

such a person may be lazy and could no longer be capable of preserve a rapport along with his or her elders and therefore will lose paternal property.

When mars is located inside the 12th House:

manglik people could have enemies. S/he’s going to additionally be afflicted by mental troubles and economic losses. Mangal dosha treatments • a way to lessen its awful consequences

there are numerous ways to cancel out the unwell-results of mangal dosha.

These are enlisted right here:

fasting to placate mars
kumbh vivah
reciting mantras
offerings and contributions
wearing gemstones within the form of earrings
via touring the navagraha and hanuman temples

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