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Harshavardhan Janga was born and bought up in Andhra Pradesh. He harbored many dreams and aspirations but storytelling was the closest to his heart.  Narrating stories never bored him and he always dreamt of writing his  own story someday. He loves to watch anime all day long. For him, a movie a day keeps the doctor away, it keeps life moving.. He loves to read Indian epics, over and over again. He has always found peace in running rather than standing in life. He can be contacted at and in Instagram at sri_harshavardhan_jangaRead More...


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No, it’s not my hallucination, if it’s a dream then, why would I hear horse hoofs nearing us? I was sure about the Afghan officers, they were planning to kill my brother. Wait! Where is Shivaji? No, no, no.  This night is turning out to be a horror, if something happens to him, I will burn them to ashes. It’s all Shivaji’s fault. Why is he being so calm these days? Why doesn’t he chop off their heads?

Run … run ... Captain Shivaji has gone

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Doctor dear

By Sri Harshavardhan Janga in Stories | Reads: 1,064 | Likes: 81

It wasn't happiness that he looked after but it was her attention and presence what he always wanted from her. Things would have been easy if he was not guilty of being less qualified. she was a doctor and he was a struggling author, she was a sky and he was a lonely lie. Seasons passed by but the r  Read More...

Published on Feb 22,2021 02:51 PM

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