“What’s your sign?”

We’ve all been requested this question — whether or not on a date, through an acquaintance or that frenemy. Whether or now no longer you’ve ever examine in-intensity approximately the zodiac symptoms and symptoms doesn’t rely due to the fact I can assure you recognize your zodiac sign. You wouldn’t be studying this text in case you weren’t as a minimum a touch bit curious approximately astrology.

As a primary definition:

Astrology is an artwork shape that makes use of the position of the planets and luminaries to provide perception into components of one’s psychology, in addition to make existence predictions. numerology lo shu grid

Some back-story (drum roll, please):

Since the beginning of mankind, we’ve got usually seemed to the stars. By our very natures, we’re curious animals — keen to higher apprehend the arena round us. Not simplest have we sought to create our imprint as a civilization at the Earth, however we’ve got sought to apprehend our region withinside the cosmos and what our reason right here is.

The zodiac consists of 12 exclusive symptoms and symptoms — every with its personal character traits, strengths, weaknesses and characteristics. So in case you’ve ever wondered. “Why are you want that?” approximately someone — that is a huge a part of the purpose why.

As a touch disclaimer, your Sun sign is tied on your genuine day of beginning and it’s miles what maximum humans are referencing once they ask approximately your zodiac sign. This ties on your middle character and mental profile — hinting at what’s essential to you at some point of your lifetime.

However, the Sun sign is simply one thing for your beginning chart that facilitates light up what makes you absolutely unique. In fact, you’ve got got many different placements which are additionally deeply insightful: your Rising Sign/Ascendant, Moon Sign and beyond. After all, astrology teaches us which you are cosmic due to the fact you’ve got got all of the stars interior of you.

Here’s our ultimate, smooth manual to every of the five Important symptoms and symptoms — the zodiac sign dates, meanings, symbols, personalities and traits! Read on!


Element: Fire

Quality: Cardinal

Power Color: Red

Ruling Planet: Mars

Symbol: Ram

Bold, pioneering and courageous, Aries is the chief of the zodiac. They are bold and adventurous and are unafraid to strike out into unknown territory wherein others might be not able to go. An everlasting baby at heart, Aries are lively and aggressive, packed with an enthusiasm for existence.


Element: Earth

Quality: Fixed

Power Colors: Pink and faded blue

Ruling Planet: Venus

Symbol: Bull

Sensual, decided and loyal, Tauruses fee safety and balance above all. They experience the finer matters in existence and are drawn to the total exploration of the senses. They are interested in splendor and satisfaction and make investments themselves absolutely in what they accept as true with in. These humans are mainly difficult-running and prefer to take a realistic technique to existence.


Element: Air

Quality: Mutable

Power Color: Yellow

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Symbol: the Twins

Quick-witted, excitable and inquisitive, Geminis are curious approximately the entirety. They take a extraordinarily highbrow view of the arena, prepared to study the entirety and everyone. As grasp communicators, they’re talented at being bendy and flexible in connecting with others.


Element: Water

Quality: Cardinal

Power Color: Silver and sea green

Ruling Planet: Moon

Symbol: the Crab

Sensitive, emotional and receptive, Cancers regularly positioned their hearts absolutely into something they accept as true with in. However, represented through the crab, they’ve a difficult shell to crack earlier than you may get to their softest side.


Element: Fire

Quality: Fixed

Power Color: Gold and orange

Ruling Planet: Sun

Symbol: Lion

Creative, enthusiastic and dramatic, Leos like to stay existence to the fullest. They generally tend to have an innate self assurance and radiance that offers them the cappotential to without problems assert themselves and stick out from the crowd. They regularly want to be identified for the entirety they convey about to the arena, every now and then to the factor of delight or arrogance. Despite this, Leos are extraordinarily loyal, romantic and artistic, known as to explicit the hearthplace interior of them vividly. With very huge hearts, they also can be pretty beneficiant to individuals who they deem worth in their affections.

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