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Colour Me Happy Mandala Colouring Book with a Special Section Featuring Colour Theory

Author Name: Anu Tiwari Sharma, Shaveta Tiwari Bhardwaj | Format: Paperback | Genre : Crafts & Hobbies | Other Details

The therapeutic benefits of colouring books have been touted by art therapists for over a decade now. Psychologists view colouring as an alternative to meditation.

Colour Me Happy is a series of beautifully designed mandalas coupled with the scientific explanation behind the effectiveness of this therapy.

What are mandalas?

How does mandala colouring help curb stress?

What is colour therapy?

Which colours would be the most beneficial to help make critical life decisions?

This book answers it all.

Begin a new journey towards stress-free living by immersing yourself in the world of mandalas and colours and becoming one with the universe.


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Anu Tiwari Sharma, Shaveta Tiwari Bhardwaj

Colour Me Happy is a combined project of the Power Sisters from the city of Jalandhar in Punjab— Shaveta Tiwari Bhardwaj and Anu Tiwari Sharma. While Shaveta is the unassuming left brain of this duo, Anu is the versatile and extremely creative right brain. After years of study and research, Shaveta is now a renowned name in the field of hypnotherapy and clinical psychology. This PhD pursuing super mom is also a regression specialist, handwriting analyst, astrologer, face reader, super psychic, signature expert and holds interest in alternate methods of healing.

Anu Tiwari Sharma, on the other hand, is a government certified artist who is celebrated for her unique talent in the realm of mandala art, hand casting, art therapy, crafts and a myriad other art forms. Versatility being her middle name, she has been dedicatedly working in this field over the past decade and has many an accolade to her name.

Colour Me Happy is the result of this dynamic duo’s prowess in their respective fields over the years, where one is the artist who has created the mandala designs, and the other is the psychologist who has explained the science behind what makes mandala colouring such a unique stress buster in today’s world.



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