Bhawna, “My First Snow of Winter” Bhawna, who is pursuing her MSc Zoology never liked her name because how common it is among the people but the time she realised her name totally represents who she is in reality, she fell in love with writing in the same way as she loves studying science. She used to write since childhood and after getting positive feedback from the people she got motivation from her father to write on several topics. One of her poems which is the theme of the book “My first snow of winter” has also been published in Lost Memory (a poetry anthology). For reading the qRead More...


My First Snow of Winter

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“How do you fall in love with someone? How do you feel when it happens? Do you smile whole day or do you realise that there is a beatbox inside you which plays the sweet songs whenever you see the one? For me it was just like a fairytale… I know most of us do not believe in magic, but I do…love is so magical when it happens with the right person, when it builds slowly, when it makes everything disappear except the love itself! 

But… I do have f

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If You Were the Classroom

By Bhawna in Poetry | Reads: 728 | Likes: 61

If you were the subject, you'll be favourite in all the ways If you were the theorm, I will drive you in every page If you were the only lab I wanna visit every day I promise studying you will become my brand new craze If you were the chapter, I'll make you beginning and the end If you were the eq  Read More...

Published on Feb 18,2021 01:07 PM

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