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AI+ Artificial Intelligence is Externally Limited, while AI+ is ‘The Possibility of Decoding the Infinite Within You'

Author Name: AatmaGuru Korak Day | Format: Hardcover | Genre : BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | Other Details

What is your mission in life – to become machine-dependent with AI or to make yourself and your children depend on their Inner Power to be Unique in their field? You are also born with that potential, with which you too can live your Life 100%!

Korak Day brings AI+ after experimenting with this for the last 220,000+ hours on 100,000+ people worldwide. Korak says, ‘Live your life holistically, to be Free from all sorts of regret/ stress/ depression/ toxin, aligning with nature, organically, and the inner technology is AI+.’ As a result, Korak Day has been the happiest, content, and richest within for 2+ decades.

Aatma, the MetaSoul remains in a dormant state, which needs activation: this is the expertise of Korak Day, an Inner Life Coach, in four steps: Step#1 is Consciousness, Step 2 is Experience, Step 3 is Resonance with the highest, and the Final Step is Excellence. That brings Inner Excellence and, thus, Outer Excellence. No wonder Korak Day, at age 52, seems 25+ years younger!

“We all made you our ‘Ideal’- which we would strive to raise our standards. Meeting you has been my life's most important, religious, and educational experience.” - Des M, Retired Principal, Dublin

“You’ve lead me out of my cave.” - Dr. Dipak N Patel, USA.


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AatmaGuru Korak Day

AatmaGuru Korak Day is an Ex-Military Officer. His ‘Selfless Legacies’ include being an Internationally Awarded Film Producer, Director, and Screenplay Writer; he is an AatmaPOP artist; a #1 Amazon Bestselling Author with 15 books.

Korak is also an Inner Life Coach with tremendous experience from the external and internal richest to the external and internal poorest worldwide. ‘Matrix of Love’ is a documentary shot by Hollywood's Katie Cooper (daughter of Famous Josef Ruben), interviewing people globally about his works on creating schools and self-dependent women in Kolkata slums and making the destitute part of his Selfless Family Ashram, which is available on YouTube. He is also the Founder & CEO of Aamar Nijer My Own Inc., registered in NYC.



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